Citrines, one of life's sweetest pleasures
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Citrines are a new, premium quality domestic citrus fruit that starts with all the best qualities of clementines, mandarins and tangerines and takes them further.

Citrines are One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures because they are larger, sweeter, seedless and extremely easy to peel. That makes them an ideal snack food that is appealing (no pun intended) to adults and kids alike.

DUDA Farm Fresh Foods’ valued partner Fruit World spent 15 years developing Citrines. It’s not rocket science or FrankenScience. Just a patient, exacting, uncompromising pursuit of citrus perfection.

We've used advanced, natural cross-breeding techniques and special farming methods to bring out more of the best qualities consumers want in citrus—a larger but not overwhelming size, sweeter taste, seedless and easy peeling. So while it took us 15 years to create Citrines, you'll see and taste the difference right away.

Come to our groves and greenhouses. See for yourself how and where Citrines are growing right now. But be advised. This video could make you crave Citrines, One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures.

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