Citrines, one of life's sweetest pleasures
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about citrines About DUDA Farm Fresh Foods, Inc.: For over 80 years Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Inc. owned and operated by the Duda family has been growing food for our nation and the world. Duda Farm Fresh Foods is a leading grower, shipper and marketer of fresh and processed vegetables and citrus, as well as sod, sugarcane and cattle, and a responsible developer of commercial and residential properties. Visit our website to learn more.

About Citrines: Citrines, One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures, are a new, premium quality, domestic citrus offering similar to clementines, mandarins and tangerines. They are the result of 15 years of development by Duda Farm Fresh Foods’ valued partner, Fruit World, which employed advanced, natural cross-breeding techniques to clementines to bring out more of the best qualities that citrus consumers desire: larger size, sweeter taste, seedless and easy peeling.

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About Fruit World Nursery, Inc.: Craig Kaprielian, principal owner of Fruit World and third generation family farmer, has developed Fruit World into a successful, entrepreneurial and innovative company. For the past 15 years Craig has devoted his life to creating the ultimate citrus eating experience, CITRINES. CITRINES are just the beginning of a journey to bring healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable products to market.